“How To Be A Confident Speaker” A Training Of English Skill Improvement

The lecturers of STBA JIA and teachers of SMK Yadika 8 Jatimulya

Attempting to contribute to the society, Department of English Language and Literature of STBA JIA held a training of English Skill Improvement on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in SMK Yadika 8 Jatimulya. It is one of biannual activities proposed by the department to carry out Tri Dharma Pendidikan, especially Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat. This semester, four lecturers (Yeni Noryatin, S.S., M.Hum, Ade Surista, M.Pd, Elsan Arvian, S.S., M.Hum and Rainhard Oliver, S.S., M.Pd) and PKM staffs (Ester Ria Romauli, S.S., M.Pd and Winda Lutfiyanti, M.Pd) partnered with each other to provide the discussion forum where the students are able to share their problems in speaking English.

The students of SMK Yadika 8 Jatimulya who participated in the training

The training titled “How to be a Confident Speaker” was presented by Sajjaad Daood Ali, a native speaker and also an experienced lecturer in Public Speaking, as it addressed the common issue occurs among English learners especially students in high school. Sajjaad explained that many English learners are afraid to speak because they are not aware of the importance of self-esteem and bravery. Struggling with the ideas that they do not master grammar well makes the learners hesitated to speak confidently. Further he explained that the main point of language is to be able to communicate the message the speaker intended to deliver to the listener. He also shared several effective tips to help the students deal with their low self-esteem. He encouraged the students to build a habit of using English in daily activities and to utilize English to represent themselves and their countries.

Participants were enthusiastic in sharing their experience

“Expose yourself to English by making it as a part of your life. Think in English every time and everywhere. You won’t mistakenly brush your nose when you want to brush your teeth. It is because you do it so many times that you don’t need to ‘think’ anymore,” Sajjaad said. Moreover, he pointed out, “Aside from theories and skills you learn at school, speaking English is a particular trait that will help your career in the future.”

Since the topic is relatable to the students’ problem in learning English, many of them were enthusiastic during discussion session. One of the students asked, “I’m always afraid of talking to foreigners because I always think that my sentences are wrong and I’m feeling embarrassed.”  

One of the students received a goodie bag in discussion session

“Many English learners were speaking in broken grammar yet they understand each other so you don’t need to worry,” Sajjaad answered. “I noticed similar pattern when the foreigners learning Bahasa Indonesia. They don’t need to speak in perfect Bahasa to be understood by the locals.”