PKM “Building A Road for Tomorrow” Through Learning English for Hotel & Restaurant Industry

SMK Persada Husada welcomed the arrival of STBA JIA

As English is used in the majority of modern works, it is true that understanding it is crucial. However, many students are unaware that there are specific English terminology known as English for Specific Purposes (ESP) that are used in the workplace. Knowing this, STBA JIA aims to make vocational students familiar with these terminology so they are ready to learn work-related skills.

Opening and Introduction

STBA JIA convened two sessions in association with SMK Persada Husada to discuss the concepts that would be presented to students majoring in H&R and to introduce ESP. The initial meeting was conducted on August 23, 2022, at SMK Persada Husada in the school hall. The coordinator of the day was Ade Surista, M.Pd. as team leader, Esterria Romauli Panjaitan, S.S., M.Pd, Winda Lutfiyanti, M.Pd and Inta Masni Sinaga, S.S., M.Hum together with two students’ representative, Hesti Nur Selvi Anggityatama and Rico Wibowo. The second meeting on Wednesday, August 24 was coordinated by the same team, but the team leader changed to Winda Lutfiyanti, M.Pd and with two more students’ representative, Ceicilia Putri and Rio Effendi. Twenty one students of H&R major gained an understanding of why English is Important in Hotel & Restaurant Industry.

Rangga and Sajjad Ali Daood presented English for Hotel and Restaurant Industry

The speaker on Tuesday was Rangga Prabuara who is a General Manager in IXO Hotel, Bekasi. He was graduated from STP (Sekolah Tinggi Perhotelan) Bandung. He shared a lot about working in the industry and how English is an essential skill to learn. “English is the most crucial skill in the hospitality industry. It should not be studied again, but it is required,” Rangga said.
On Wednesday, Sajjaad Daood Ali was the speaker that dived deeper into the specific use of English in H&R. He work as a native speaker in STBA JIA and excels in public speaking. He said that the students need English to work in H&R industry effectively because it is spoken widely. Formal English and good mannerism is obligatory when dealing with guests. The students need English to answer questions, requests, confirm and gather information.

Questions-Discussion and Roleplay Session

The coordinator also prepared questions-discussion and roleplay session to train the students about real life situation in H&R industry. The coordinator permitted the students to ask the speaker 3 questions during the questions and discussion sessions. For roleplay session, there are four different situations; Checking-in, Customer Complaint, Ordering Food, and Checking-out. The roleplay is aimed to encourage the students that English is a fundamental skill before facing real life situation in H&R industry. The students admitted that handling complaint was the hardest of them all. However, they said it was a fun experience and hoped to grow together for their future career.

Gifts for Questions and Roleplay in Discussion Session

After answering questions on the first day and roleplaying on the second day, the coordinator gave out some gifts to the students for being active during the session.

Giving Placard

STBA JIA gave the placard as a symbol of partnership to SMK Persada Husada. The headmaster of SMK Persada Husada also stated that this event is very beneficial to their school in hopes that there will be future collaboration with STBA JIA.

STBA JIA team, the Speakers and Students of SMK Persada Husada

At the end of the event, all of the students and coordinators took pictures together to mark the end of PKM.