PKM “Building A Road For Tomorrow” Through Learning English For Office

SMK Persada Husada welcomed the arrival of STBA JIA team

It is true that comprehending English is important as it is applied in most of works nowadays. Yet many students do not realize that there are certain terms of English named English for Specific Purposes (ESP) used in workplace. Knowing this, STBA JIA attempts to help vocational students, who are prepared for mastering work-related skills, to be familiar with these terms.

Greeting and introduction

Three meetings are designed to introduce ESP, train students in groups, and encourage them to use it. Collaborating with SMK Persada Husada, the team considered English for Office is appropriate terms to be presented for students in Accounting major. The first meeting was held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 locating in school hall of SMK Persada Husada coordinated by Esterria Romauli Panjaitan, S.S., M.Pd (team leader), Winda Lutfiyanti, M.Pd and Inta Masni Sinaga, S.S., M.Hum together with two STBA JIA students’ representatives, Rio Effendi and Muhammad Fajar Reza. Thirty two students of Accounting major learned and discussed the implementation of English for Office in their possible future jobs.

Siti Maryam, S.S., M.M presented Business English and English for Office

The first speaker is Siti Maryam, S.S., M.M who has been working as DC Manager in Jardine Group, a company focusing on motor vehicles and related operations, property investment and development, food retailing, health and beauty, etc. She also teaches courses related to office and business in STBA JIA. Being an experienced manager and lecturer, she explained about business, working in the office, and steps to be a professional office worker. The topic aims the students understanding Business English and English for Office.

Adella Zahra Lydia explained the implementation of English for Office

The other speaker is a seventh semester student of STBA JIA, Adella Zahra Lydia. Not only studying, she works as a General Affair Admin in Framas, a company that develops technical injection molded components and products for the shoe industry. To address English for Office in STBA JIA and its implementation at workplace, she underlined how English for Office she learned in campus facilitates her in completing her works. She mentioned her job description along with documents showing the way the terms in English for Office are implemented.

In discussion session, Inta as the moderator gathered several questions from the students. A student was eager to know how to manage studying and working at the same time. “It is not easy, of course. It needs determination. Once you decided to study and work at the same time, you must commit to do well in both. I usually work from morning to evening then have classes after that. Following the schedule and getting proper rest are the keys while not forgetting to reward myself on weekends,” Adela replied.


Gifts for questions in discussion session

To a question about career path in business considering their major, Siti Maryam mentioned that finding the proper education was crucial because in a few years, it would help students in achieving their dream career. Further she added recognizing our own strength and condition is a great help to plan the future for she suggested career path the students are passionate about. The last but not least is setting financial goal. She said that this step is the part that most people overthought without realizing that if it is not well-prepared it may cause a big problem later.

STBA JIA team, teacher and students of SMK Persada Husada

In the end of the first meeting of the training, the team mentioned that next meeting will focus on the implementation of English for Office therefore the students can practice designing documents commonly used in offices.