PKM “Improving English Skills in Interpreter Practice” for Students in SMK Sumber Daya Bekasi

STBA JIA English Literature Programme organized a Community Service (PKM) which was held on May 31st, 2023. This year’s PKM is a continuation of the previous PKM in December 2022 by presenting the same school, SMK Sumber Daya Bekasi. This activity was supervised by Mrs. Inta Masni Sinaga, S.S., M. Hum, and consists of lecturers.

The PKM STBA JIA team received a warm welcome from SMK Sumber Daya Bekasi

The theme is “Improving English Skills in Interpreter Practice”, The practice of interpreting improves listening and speaking skills. The students are expected to be able to interpret the speaker’s utterance according to the speaker’s intent.

Ms.Winda as a Moderator

The beginning of the activity was initiated with the introduction of the PKM team by Miss Winda as the moderator. Carrying on with the material presented by Mrs. Inta and Mr. Sajjaad: definitions of interpretation and difference with translation, modes of interpretation, interpreting skills, and tips for good interpreting. The students listened to the explanation and asked questions about the material.

After delivering the material, the PKM team prepared several sentences to be interpreted directly by the students. These sentences were chosen based on the majors in SMK Sumber Daya Bekasi. Technically, the PKM team speak in English, then the students interpreted them into Indonesian. The students were very curious and enthusiastic about participating in this activity.

The activity was closed by giving souvenirs from the PKM Team to Sumber Daya Bekasi Vocational School and taking a group photo.

Mrs. Inta gave a souvenir to the Principal

The students were given appreciation for being active